How do you write a letter to the dean?


A letter to dean can vary from school to school, but all letters should contain at least the following basic information: identifying information, unique characteristics, academic history, academic progress and a summary. A letter to the dean is typically used for a special request.

A letter to the dean should be a formal letter that is formatted and addressed properly and clearly provides information. A letter to the dean requires careful crafting in order for the student to make his case as proper and persuasive as possible. The dean should be addressed by full name, position and other proper titles for the individual person on the outside of the letter, and inside the letter the dean should be addressed as Dr. (name) or Dean (name). The better-presented the letter is, the greater chance a student has of convincing the dean to accept his request.

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1. Clarify exactly why you want to write to the dean before you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Make a list of key points you want to raise in your letter. 2. Use letterhead
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How to Write a Letter to the Dean of a School
There are many reasons to write a letter to the dean of a school. Whether the purpose of your letter is reinstatement, admission or seeking funding for a program, one of the most important aspects of writing the letter is the tone. The tone should be... More »
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