How do you write a letter to someone who owes you money?


If you need to write a letter when someone owes you money you should write it as professional as possible. Let them know that they are behind by a certain amount and you expect the money back by a certain date. Include in the letter when the money was given to them. Let them know if money isn't received by a certain day, you will have to take legal action. Sign and date the letter and keep a copy.
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1. Format the letter like a business letter and address it formally. Include your address at the top of the page. Underneath your address, write the name and address of the debtor
hello sir, you owe me money and i want you to promptly give me money to avoid much inconvenience to yourself. i intend to give you a chance before i proceed to take stricter action
Get some paper and a pen, or open a word processing program. Then write you letter. Then send it by certified mail to the appropriate party.
1. Create a title for your document. Your document title should be brief and descriptive, “Loan Agreement” or “Promissory Note” for example. Ad. 2. Name the
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