How to Write a Life Story?


If you want to write a life story, start from the top and do not leave out any detail. Tell the story of the person you are writing about. Try not to tell your story as you saw their life, but tell the story of the person through their eyes, and their heart through your pen.
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Tips on How to Write a Life Story
Whether you plan to write your memories as a legacy for your family or are seeking publication, an autobiography follows much the same rules as writing fiction; specifically, adhering to a storytelling structure that flows smoothly from start to finish... More »
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1. Write out a list of major events. These should include where you grew up, any moves to new cities, schools attended, degrees earned, job resumes, marriages and births. 2. Organize
A children's story is a very easy thing to write. To write a childrens story, depending on the age, you must develpoe a plot. Then you must start to write down the story while using
1. Have each personal historian or volunteer bring a tape recorder with tape and a note pad. Bring camcorders for recording video to turn into time capsules and CDs or DVDs with life
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With these tips, you can easily write your life story in a essay. You must have already have a story in mind. Tell your experiences and how did you deal with it, ...
If you are writing your life story the best way to do so is to start from the top. Start telling you story from the beginning. Tell it as if no one knows you. ...
Writing your life story is easiest done when you take some time to just jot down notes and memories. This may take a few weeks, but once you start things will ...
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