How to Write a Personal Profile Examples?


A personal profile is basically a summary of qualifications, essentially a miniature cover letter and should therefore instantly make a potential employer or recruiter aware of your skills, qualities and achievements. The profile should be clear and concise and contain a few lines about your aspirations, role suitability, competencies (like negotiating, decision-making, etc)and should be placed at the start of a CV. It is advisable to maintain a length of about 6 or 7 lines.
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In a personal profile you should talk about the things that you like to do. You do not want to put personal data such as a address or a phone number.
1. Do some general background research on the person. Learn as much as you can about his education, work history, personal projects, special achievements and any other information
1. Speak with senior family members to learn more about your early childhood. Ask if there are specific incidents that they remember or that were most significant to them. 2. Look
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