How do you write a photo essay?


A photo essay is an essay that conveys information to the reader with the focus remaining on the photo. The writing should add meaning to the photo or photos. You can find more information here:
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1. Choose a subject that meets the criteria set forth by your instructor. Maybe there is an upcoming family or community event that might provide good photos. See if there is a park
first observe the photo carefully.then point out every important things. then think what you know about those. connect all the things in your mind.then start writing.
1. Find a point you can argue for. You don't want to argue for a point that you can't find a lot of support for or a point that's so broad that you'll have a hard time narrowing it
1. Read the question carefully. Look for key words such as "discuss" or "explain" to identify the topics of the essay. Notice whether the essay requires you to
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How to Write a Photo Essay
Unlike traditional essays that attempt to portray thoughts, ideas and emotions through writing, photo essays shift the focus away from print onto a series of highly-detailed images. The roles are reversed: The writing in the essay supports the pictures,... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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