How to Write a Platform?


The first step of writing a platform is the introduction. In this you should state; general and specific greetings and who you are. Next comes the first section. Included in this should be anytthing you did not include in the introduction such as your age, what state you live in, what your salary is etc. . The second section is about why you are qualified and should be picked. The third section should include what you will do to change things if you are elected. The final section is the conclusion, you use this to say goodbye and wrap things up.
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Writing a platform will enable you to build stability and to also put your name out there so others can spread the word of your professionalism. Taking writing courses will help with organizing a platform.
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1. Create the preliminary header for your speech before you write the words to the speech itself. Decide on a topic and research the type of people who will be listening. Depending
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Actually, when you write English words in Japanese (like "peeji" or "purattofomu") you use katakana, because "page" and "platform" aren't native
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