How to Write a Political Platform?


A political platform is the set of beliefs that a political party adheres to, so that the voters will know where the politicians aligned with that party stand. When writing a platform, it is important to discuss all the issues that are relevant for the upcoming election. By stating what the politician plans to do, or not do, it will influence voters to support the politician if they agree with the policies in the platform statements.
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1. Create the preliminary header for your speech before you write the words to the speech itself. Decide on a topic and research the type of people who will be listening. Depending
Political Party Platforms need to mention the Democratic,
Meg has her platform listed on her website ( Fundamentally, it's a 3 part plan. 1) Create jobs, 2) Cut spending, and 3) Fix education. Embed Quote
Remove government influence in economy, increase government capacity to police the US and the world, promote traditional christian values. _ There is no one single platform for the
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