How do you write a postponement letter?


To write an effective postponement letter, you have to establish a legitimate reason for requesting the extension of the deadline or mandatory date so that the party from whom you are asking for the delay is more likely to extend it. The more documentation you have supporting your request, the more likely you are to have your request granted.

Postponement letters are necessary in a number of circumstances, but one of the most common situations involves postponing jury duty. Because sitting on a jury is not a civic duty that many people embrace, the process of obtaining a postponement is often complicated, and the deadline for requesting a postponement is often several weeks or even a month before the assigned date.

If you are eligible to request postponement of your jury date, use the body of the letter to explain your reason for being unable to attend on your assigned date. In many municipalities and counties, as well as with federal juries, your summons includes a list of reasons why you are unable to attend on the date when you have been assigned. Make sure that your reason fits into one of the eligible categories. If a medical appointment is your reason, submit documentation, such as a printed confirmation of your time and date with your physician, to the jury administrator along with your letter.

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