How to Write a Preamble?


A preamble is an introduction to a main document, such as the preamble to the Constitution. When writing the preamble, it is best to write a small summary of what will be included in the main document. In addition to being a summary of the document to follow, it should be an explanation of the purpose of the document. The preamble does not need to be long to be effective, usually about a paragraph or two is long enough.
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Answer we have come together in attempts to create a better government for domestic harmony, saftey, and equality for ourselves and our children. we will write and follow this constitution
I imagine that a preamble is an introduction, so you might point out that all societies have laws, and a class is a small part of the society that is the school. Without law, chaos
1. Break the Preamble into smaller pieces and either cut and paste or write each piece on a note card. You may want to break it into groups of sentences that go together. For example
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