How to Write a Rebuttal Paper?


When writing your rebuttal paper you should strive to be informative and as persuasive as possible. Your goal is to get people to agree with your opinion.
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Written rebuttals address the conflicting argument in a stylized way in order to erode the present attitude of the author. It should be written concise, direct, and as objective as possible.
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When you write a rebuttal letter you must explain why you disagree with a decision that was made. Your goal is to be as informative as possible in this letter.
1. Know the opposing viewpoint thoroughly. You can't present a convincing rebuttal without knowing exactly what it is you're opposing. An effective rebuttal should not be mere name
1. Choose a topic that you already know a little bit about, if one has not been assigned to you. If you know something about the topic, it won't take you as long to research and begin
1. Select what kind of paper you need, or want, to write. Expository, persuasive, narrative, research and creative papers each call for different tones and purposes. An exposition
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