How do you write a self-appraisal?


When you are writing a self-appraisal letter think of the reason why the management is asking for it and a good place to begin is to review your last self-appraisal letter and whether or not it got a good reception from the management or a sour review. If your self-appraisal was not received well, remember not to make the same mistakes as before. When writing the self-appraisal highlight the ways you are doing your work that are assisting in you accomplishing your job description, use the company guidelines to help you in formatting your self-appraisal letter, you should focus on the positives of your work in the company and put emphasis on the areas that your work has helped improve the output of your department and the company as a whole, you should not dwell too much on the negatives of your work, instead talk about the areas you have improve in and also include how you are going to correct your weaknesses, you should always ask for advice from the co-workers that you trust and lastly, you should make sure that you type the self-appraisal in the format that the company has provided for.
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1. Carefully review your written job description and the list of projects you have completed since the last performance evaluation. If you do not have a job description or it needs
Make lists. To give yourself a jump-start, begin by brainstorming. Make lists of accomplishments, feedback (written or verbal) from customers or peers, goals you met or didn't meet,
Its basically you giving feedback about your performance at work. You include any training needs and also list your strengths and limitations.i.e something about your role that you
1 Determine the elements you wish to review in an Employee's Performance Appraisal. Include such items as Job Knowledge, or understanding of their duties, Attendance, Dependability,
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How to Write a Self Appraisal
It is important for you to know how you are progressing at work and fulfilling responsibilities in your job. Your supervisor should conduct a performance review at least once a year based on mutual goals and objectives. Many companies also ask employees... More »
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