How to Write a Short Play?


Writing a play is a great way to express yourself and share your ideas with others. Begin with your characters and build your scenery around their backgrounds and imagery. Although your play is short, it can be packed with great ideas that will wow your audience in a short time frame.
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Most biographies begin with your full name, to let the reader know who you are. Include the companies' name and any other job related honors.
Decide how many characters there will be. Remember that you will need room for the audience to sit, so you can't take up all the seats in the car. The audience won't want to stand
Want to learn how to write a play? You might be able to pick up the format quickly, but, unless you know the building blocks of great drama, your story will never make it to Broadway
First you will need to decide what your story is going to be about. This will be what you are trying to say, the point you want to make, and the true meaning behind your story. You
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