How to Write a Statement of Faith?


A Statement of Faith, is what you believe spiritually. So if you're Christian, then you will write about what you believe as a Christian. Some examples would be; that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, was Crucified on the Cross, etc. Most churches, and even some hospitals and medical centers, have a statement of faith. You can usually find this information under beliefs in their About Us section.
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When writing a statement of faith you first should write down all the beliefs you want to include. Then you should list them in the order of importance.
1. Make yourself familiar with the Apostles' Creed. The Creed is a faith statement that has been used by Christians to describe and confess their beliefs. The Creed can also be looked
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1. Write a list of five or six of your past successes and what values you think contributed to each success. Use an online list of core personal values to spark your imagination (
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How to Write a Statement of Faith
Writing a statement of faith offers a reflective opportunity to look within and communicate what an individual or a group believes. Determine what guiding principles you or your church want to move toward. Make your statement of faith a vital outward... More »
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