How to Write a Theory Paper?


When writing a theory paper, it is important to chose a topic you like. You will be doing a lot of research on this this topic. In your paper include primary articles and results find in the articles, to support your theory. Also use author year citation.
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How to Write a Theory Paper
"Theory" means different things in different academic disciplines and settings, from literary theory to mathematical theory and everything in between. Whatever your subject, writing a paper on theory, or developing your own theory, can feel intimidating.... More »
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1. Choose your topic. Try to pick something that interests you, because you will be spending a lot of time on the subject. Try to narrow your topic as much as possible from the beginning
In order to write a theory you have to come up with an idea with sound proof and math to back it up. You must then find a scientific journal to back you up. Once your idea has been
1. Provide contact information on the cover page. Include your name and address, as well as the date. 2. Research the funding agency, learning its purpose and the types of projects
1. Write down topics that come to mind. You may have a choice of topics or a topic that an instructor has given you. 2. Highlight the topic that interests you and that you know the
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The atomic theory is kinda like the germ theory or evolution. This is really good information if you are planing on writing a paper based on the atomic theory. ...
Pythagoras wrote a paper on the Pythagorean Theorem which describes how to work on areas of triangles and the theory is named after him. He later wrote about square ...
1. Formulate a thesis. This is a statement that makes a claim about one specific aspect of leadership, or that draws a comparison between two competing theories. ...
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