How to Write a Vote of Thanks?


When writing a vote of thanks, one should be aware that it is not a speech and should not look like an evaluation or repeat the speaker's words. During the vote of thanks, the proposer should pick out two or three interesting points from the speech and respond to them. However, he or she should not repeat those parts of the speech, neither should he agree or disagree with them.
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When you are writing a thank you letter you need to include the reason why you are being thankful. Also, you need to write thoughtful words as to why you think that person is special
how to start the speech and how to end.
Learn how to write a speech, especially a thank-you one, just in case you find yourself having an honor bestowed upon you. You don't want to feel unprepared for a big moment. Make
1. Research the speaker before the day of the seminar. Check out his website or blog and read a few of his recent articles. Write any interesting points in a small notebook that you
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