How to Write an Exit Letter?


Your exit or resignation letter should be positive and concise and provide just enough information so that the recipient will feel good about it. You should write the letter by stating the purpose and expressing your regret for leaving. Highlight your accomplishments and thank those who helped and supported you during your tenure. For more information look here:;
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1. Address your letter to your supervisor. Your letter should be given to your direct supervisor or boss, not the CEO or owner of the company. When in doubt, give the letter to your
Need to know how to write a business letter? The ability to write a clear and persuasive business letter will benefit you more than you can imagine. Whether you are a business owner
1. Research the subject that has caused you to protest. Understand the whole truth behind the situation, and cross-check facts and sources. Being fully in the know helps you compose
1. Gather your pen or pencil and paper, if you are writing the letter by hand. If you are writing the letter on a computer, open a new document in your word processing program, such
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How to Write an Exit Letter
You've made the decision to leave your current job to pursue other career opportunities or another position at a rival company. You may find it difficult to announce to your colleagues that you're leaving your position. The best way to notify your boss... More »
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You write an exit letter from employment to your immediate supervisor. You thank the supervisor for your time at the company and the pleasure working with everyone ...
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