How do you write an industrial visit report?


If you need to write an industrial visit report you need to include the date of the visit and the names of the managers and/or the departments that you visited. You can write of any problems that were discussed along with those processes that are working well. You may want to include suggestions for improvements that were discussed.
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1. Use several methods of note gathering while on site at the industrial facility: Carry a pad and pen to make notes on topics you're commissioned to gather or use your memory to
Ref- Industrial Visit. Dear Sir/Madam. On behalf of "Institute Name" I would like to request you to grant permission to the. management students. of the Institute for industrial
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How to Write an Industrial Visit Report
There's always a lot riding on an industrial site visit, particularly if a company's bottom line depends on the report you'll deliver to corporate heads when you return. The easy part of your job will be getting plant employees to usher you around to the... More »
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