How to Write an Investigation Report?


To write invesigation report, you first have to mention the purpose of the investigation report. Then mention what is being investigated. If its a person, mention all the details you know. After investigation, write the points that were of significance and in the opinion or conclusion section mention what were the findings. Mention whether the person was guilty, for example.
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In an investigative report you need to put in what the purpose was. Who or what you were investigating. Then you would put what the outcome was such as found the person cheating,
1. Determine who you will need to interview and what sort of information you must collect. As an investigative officer, you cannot choose sides. Your job is to collect and present
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pick a topic you think would be interesting to investigate and research it and get all the information and just lay it all out there don't hold anything back.. investigative reporting
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How to Write an Investigation Report
For every law enforcement official, it is mandatory to learn how to conduct an investigation report. The key is to keep things informative, yet simple.... More »
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To write an investigative report you must make sure that you stick to the facts, keep your language simple but avoid vague words and get your point across. Also ...
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