How to Write an Opinion Paper?


To write an opinion paper you must pick a topic you want to give your personal opinion about. Then you will want to include all the reasons for your opinion to support why you think that way about it.
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1. Decide where you stand on the issue you will be writing about, then take some time to think through why you hold the opinions you do. For example, if the assignment is to present
1. Describe the need the investment meets. If the investment is properly targeted, you will be able to appeal to people who avoid risk, people who accept a moderate risk for moderate
1. Choose a specific topic to write about. For example, if you want to write about children's education, write about a sub-topic in the field rather than the field as a whole. A sub-topic
Do not, under any circumstances, ignore a title when you write. If you consider a title as the reader's first impression into your mind, you would probably want to make this title
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How to Write an Opinion Paper
Opinion papers are used to express your feelings and beliefs on a given subject. These papers can be difficult to write, especially when you’re more accustomed to writing factual articles and reports. Carefully planning and outlining what you want... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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