How to Write an Opinion Paper?


To write an opinion paper you must pick a topic you want to give your personal opinion about. Then you will want to include all the reasons for your opinion to support why you think that way about it.
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An opinion paper has to be full of the opinion of the writer. It should includ
1. Choose a topic for your essay that people disagree on, such as health care reform, the best age to get married or whether cats or dogs make better pets. Finding a topic you feel
Pick a solid topic if you have the choice. It is rare that you will not have some decision on how or what you write about. This is where most students struggle the most. If you do
1. Brainstorm ideas. For each of your potential essay topics, make a mind map or idea list and jot down everything you can think of that might go in the essay. Don't be afraid to
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How to Write an Opinion Paper
Opinion papers are used to express your feelings and beliefs on a given subject. These papers can be difficult to write, especially when you’re more accustomed to writing factual articles and reports. Carefully planning and outlining what you want... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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