How do you write closing remarks?


Closing remarks are used to sum up the whole speech. To write excellent closing remarks, you must summarize everything in one sentence or less. You should also thank the audience and appreciate them for coming.
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1. Define your audience for the speech to, what is the topic and focus and how long does it need to be. Make a outline of your ideas for the speech. Be specific and clear about each
It depends on the circumstances. It's usually a short sentence or summary used to finish off a lecture, meeting or speech. For example : "Thank-you once again for coming, and
1. Open a text editor. Ad. 2. For each caption write it's number on a separate line (in order) - begin with. 1. 3. On the next line write the time you want the caption to appear in
I think your closing remarks should be natural. Just say something, completly unscripted such as 'thank you all for coming, and I look forward to seeing you all through out the year
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