How are decimals written in word form?


It can be confusing to write decimals in word form. Digits that are one place to the right of the decimal are tenths. Digits two places to the right of the decimal are hundredths, and digits three places away are thousandths.
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Answer When writing a decimal in word form, always move left to right. Left of decimal- Write the number just as you would if there wasn't a decimal after it. Ignore the decimal and
1. Say the decimal with the proper place value. For example, to say the decimal represented by 0.44, say, " Forty-four hundredths, not, "Point forty-four. Now write the
you just write out each individual number. eg seven point nine six four. or zero point eight seven one one four.
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In order for you to write decimals in standard form, you just write them out as 5.8 instead of the expanded form or any other kind of form. For more information ...
It's easy to write decimals in expanded form. Let use 54.574. It would be 50 + 4 + 0.5 + 0.07 + 0.004. Very simple to do once you know how to do it. ...
The mathematically correct way to write the number nine hundred and four and three ten-thousandths in decimal form is 904.0003. The first 0 after the decimal ...
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