How do you write an absence excuse letter?


An absence excuse letter should be factual and honest with sufficient information to merit proper consideration. It's always advisable to submit an absence excuse letter as a sign of respect.

  1. Remember the basics

    Be sure not to forget the date, the receiver's address and the salutation. This makes your letter formal and polite.

  2. Provide important details in the first paragraph

    Introduce yourself or your child in the first paragraph. Identify the date or dates you were, or are going to be, absent and from which class or department. State the reason for your absence and explain why it was or is necessary.

  3. State the expected date of return from absence and how you plan to deal with your responsibilities

    It's important to keep authorities (teachers, bosses, supervisors, managers or employers, leaders) informed when one has returned, or is about to return, to school or work. It also helps to outline how you plan to cope with the missed school or job assignments or expected tasks to be completed.

  4. Advise what type of documents are attached, or make your request for the absence to be approved

    Normally, a medical certificate is sufficient proof of absence due to sickness. There are other suitable legal documents for absence due to other reasons. This proof helps authorities verify the validity of the absence and consider the merits of the situation.

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