How to Write Funeral Thank Yous?


When writing these out it does not have to be a very long thank you note. It can simple note your thanks for their thoughtful words and prayers during your time of sorrow.
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When you write a thank you note it is best to make it personal. Thank you notes can be for gifts, hard work, or helping out. When writing the note if it is for a gift mention the
1. Address the recipient of the note, for example, write: Dear Sue. 2. Thank them in the first sentence. Be specific; name exactly what they gave you or did for you. For example,
1. Purchase simple (plain) good quality stationery. Look for cards that are blanked, or have "Thank You" written on the front in understated, elegant font. Boxes of cards
You can get a nice Thank You card where the words say it all and at the bottom thank the person for being there for you and the gift was greatly appreciated and then sign it. = =
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