How do you write a limitation study?


To write a limitation study, analyze the limitations of the research and list this information in a limitation section of a research paper. Listing the limitations of research is a way to add credibility, as every form of research is in some way limited. For example, nearly all research is limited by sample size.

A limitation study needs to include the most obvious and largest limitations first, before more complex issues are discussed. For example, major limitations include the scope of the research; the ages, races or genders of participants; unknown factors, such as existing medical conditions; and researcher bias. For example, a medical study involving a drug trial might be limited by the amount of participants, self-reported side effects and medical conditions that have not been diagnosed that change the effectiveness of the drug.

After listing the primary limitations, describe limitations that are specific to the research that is being conducted. This includes things such as only using one theory to interpret the data, analyzing data from a specific disciplinary perspective or using only certain existing research to reach a conclusion regarding the data collected.

Since all research is limited by variables, adding a limitation study does not make research any less valid or important. Instead, failing to write a limitation study compromises the validity of the research.

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