How to Write Nursing Notes?


To write nursing notes, a nurse must follow the standard procedure used in the hospital of work. Standard nursing notes or sometimes called progress notes include the clinical status of a patient, usually recorded on a regularly timed intervals. A common format used for nursing notes is the SOAP or Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan.
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The most important thing to remember to write effective nursing notes is to only write what you observe, not what you think is going on. For example, if a patient is crying and hunched
1. Write the "S" or subjective section. This includes everything the patient reports. Information in this section usually relates to the patient's complaint in his own words
are you talking about a SOAP note? S= subjective-this is what the patient TELLS you, often in their own words. Such as: "I fell down the stairs" For the MD, this is also
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To write nursing notes, be concise and impersonal. Write out medications and any symptom notes that might be mistaken for something else. Write only what you observe, not what you suspect.
Writing nursing notes can feel a little overwhelming at times because there are so many things to write. It's important to know what words you can abbreviate and what words you shouldn't abbreviate. Messing up on an abbreviation could cause trouble that you don't need. You can find more information at
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