How to Write Subheadings?


Subheadings are the titles of smaller sections of a larger chapter of a work. These are usually used to make finding a topic in a long chapter easier. To write them, simply decide what heading would work best for the section, you want something brief but descriptive. Most word processing programs offer some type of formatting that will set this up automatically.
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Writing subheads is easy once you know what a subhead is and how it fits into the advertising medium you'll be writing. It's simply a sub headline, a headline of its own on a smaller
Subheadings are similar to subtitles. The subtitle brings further
Writing subheads in advertisements can be quite easy if one is aware about the right way to do it. Subheads are actually a sub headline, which is essentially a headline under main
in writing the lead of a feature(lathalain)you need to have a wide knowledge about the article given to you,give your knowledge, relevance to the can start it in a form
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