How do you write to Dr. Oz?


According to "The Dr. Oz Show," the best and official way to contact Dr. Oz is by sending an electronic message through his website. Interested people can contact him regarding his show, his website, his magazine or other issues.

The fine print on Dr. Oz's website makes it clear that any submissions made to the show or website are not kept confidential and are not returned to the sender. Any submissions made automatically become the property of ZoCo, the parent company for Dr. Oz's enterprises. The site encourages anyone contacting Dr. Oz regarding urgent health or safety issues to call 911 if needed; a list of resources for those in medical need is also provided.

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1. Open your Internet browser and go to 2. Scroll down the home page to the bottom of the screen. Click on the link titled "Contact Us," which will take you
Dr . Oz is 58 years old ; he was born June 11, 1960 in Cleveland, Ohio! LOL such bad math! June 11, 1960 would have made him 48 last year & he is now 49 years old.
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Mehmet Cengiz Oz, better known at Dr. Oz, is 49 years old. His is an American of Turkish heritage
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How to Write to Dr. Oz
Mehmet C. Oz, better known as Dr. Oz, first appeared on the "Oprah" show in 2004. In 2009, "The Dr. Oz Show" debuted, co-produced by Oprah's Harpo Productions. Dr. Oz received his education at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania. He became the... More »
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