How to Write to Dr Phil?


To write to Dr. Phil, you would contact the station his television show is on. Also, you can go to his website and try to be on the show or be in the audience! For more information look here:;
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Contact Dr. Phil via Email
The personal phone numbers of celebrities are not publicly available.
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Dr. Phil McGraw, most noted for his famous talkshow, is turned 59 years young this year on September 1, 2009. Looking good there Doctor.
Go to this website: Then click on the tab at the top "contact Dr. Phil" That brings you to a place where you can e-mail the show.
1. Decide if the goal is to appear as as guest, leave a comment on a recent show, ask Dr. Phil a question or receive technical support on his website. Dr. Phil encourages viewers
There is none in my opinion. He was brought to our attention during Oprah's Beef safety lawsuit in Texas and as a way of thanking him, he was given a show with Harpo prod. He has
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Dr. Phil is a well known psychologist, television personality, author, and host of his own show. Dr. Phil McGraw is sixty-two years old and rose to fame by making ...
Dr. Phil has a degree in psychology. On his show he speaks more like a counselor then an actual doctor. He is able to hold counseling sessions but can not write ...
You can email Dr. Phil by going to the Dr. Phil website and selecting the option to contact Dr. Phil. You will have the option then to send a email. ...
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