How to Write Up a Bill of Sale?


You can write up a bill of sale by putting the date, what you're buying and from whom, your name and the amount that you paid for the item.
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You can get a bill of sale form off the internet in order to assist in writing one up for whatever you are selling. It must include the following, name and address for both buyer and seller, information on what is being transferred, any type of guarantee if applicable. This would also need to have both buyer and sellers signature and be notarized as well as signed by one. You can find out more information here:
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You would need to write out the buyers and the sellers names and a complete description of the property being sold included Serial Numbers or VIN numbers, the purchase price and the
1. First off, a bill of sale should include all major details regarding the automobile/item and state that the item is being sold 'as is" according to the description. 2. Bill
From "I, (name:)_______________________________ of (address:)______________________________________________, hereby certify that I am the lawful owner of this
1. Include all information about the buyer and seller, including full legal names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses (as well as emergency contact information) Specify
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1. Examine documents verifying the true identities of both seller and buyer. 2. Be sure to include on the form the names, signatures, addresses and phone numbers ...
If you want to know how to write up a bill of sale, list all the transactions, and details on the receipt. Make sure it includes the date and itemized purchases ...
1. Open a word processing program on your computer, such as Word or OpenOffice, and create a new document. 2. Enter in "Bill of Sale" at the top of the ...
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