How to You Get a Job as a Tatoo Artist on Sims 3?


In order for you to get a job as a tattoo artist on Sims 3 you need to go to Drea's salon. When I played the game I found Drea when you click on her there will be an option to join the tattoo artist career. If she doesn't give you the option go to a computer in City Hall and register as a tattoo artist.
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1. Go to your Sim's home or, if your Sim has the stylist career, go to their salon. Enter "Buy" mode and select the "Special" category. 2. Buy one of two tattoo
there are so many! 1. Grocery Clerk store worker 3. someone who can be in the athletic career 4.the music career 5. criminal 6. law enforcement 7.military 8.scientist 9.someone
Internationally, try You could also try the 3d magazines, 3d world, etc.... Embed
Tattoo Artist is not an official career in the PC version of Sims 3. Your Sim can get tattoos, however
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