How Tornadoes Are Made?


Tornadoes are made when dry air moves above moist air that is warm. The cold air then moves beneath the warm air and creates a cyclone effect.
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Tornadoes are made when by the instability of warm air that is rising. When the warm air runs into the colder air, it causes lighting, heavy rains and winds. These can cause the tornadoes
A hurricane starts when a system of thunderstorms, often called a tropical disturbance develops over warm ocean water. The moisture feeds the storms, causing then to strengthen and
A tornado is a local storm of short duration formed of winds rotating at very high speeds in a
1. Familiarize yourself with meteorology, particularly related to storms and tornadoes. Knowledge helps you make predictions about where a tornado will strike. The rest is intuition
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How Tornados Are Made
Cold air sinks below warm air because it has a greater density. This principal is at the heart of thunderstorm and tornado formation. Ahead of thunderstorms, air movement increases in speed to create an invisible "sideways" tornado. These horizontal... More »
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The reason why tornadoes form is not fully understood. In the United States, many tornadoes form when the humid air moving north form the Gulf of Mexico meets ...
Tornadoes are made up of warm moist air and dry cool air creating a rotation that spawns a funnel cloud known as a tornado. Whenever a tornado warning or watch ...
A tornado is a dark funnel shaped cloud that is made up of rotating winds that can be extremely violent. The diameter of a tornado can be as small as a few feet ...
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