How does unemployment affect people?


Unemployment affects people by depreciating their economic lifestyle. This increases the rate of crimes, divorce and homelessness as people are unable to meet their demands and needs. Furthermore, it leads to depression and psychological trauma as people see themselves as worthless, therefore diminishing the relationship between people.
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Inflation operates like a tax on savings. As the value of a dollar declines, the purchasing power of the money in a savings account declines. In other words, you won't be able to
well if you mean how does unemployment affect crime it is because everyone is out of a job so they cant feed their family and if they cant feed their family they cant feed themselves
This is an interesting question and one which does not have a simple answer. The information we receive ultimately I believe does change the way our beliefs are shaped. We all now
1 Understand where this is coming from. When a lot of people are looking for a finite amount of jobs in a particular industry, human resources can feel stretched to its limits. There
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How Does Unemployment Affect People?
Psychologists rank life stressors in a hierarchy of severity and the level of impact the event has in creating stress on an individual. Job loss and the resulting financial hardship rank at the top of the lists. The Department of Human Development and... More »
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