How Very Dare You?


'How very dare you' is a phrase usually associated with Catherine Tate. It is used by her character Derek.
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A sexual dare would be to lick chocolate syrup, or another food item off the person's
I'm sorry that Jesus Christ, the Savior of Mankind, God's Only begotten Son, who died on the Cross to provide everyone with a path to heaven, who performed miracles and healed people
"Who is it"? I love Catherine Tate. Especially going round the pound shop. "How much is it? Only a pound".
Naughty Dare: Kiss someone of the same sex. Pretend a striptease performance and try to earn some tips (you need not actually strip).
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Adult truth or dare questions are any truth or dare questions that contain adult themes. So this might very well imply sexual. An example of which would be you ...
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