How Was Easter Island Formed?


Easter Island was formed by a series of big volcanoes. It is a very small island in the South Pacific. For millions of years, only dragonflies and birds lived on the island. You can find more information here:
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1. Decide whether you want to tour with a group on a prearranged tour or if you'd prefer to travel on your own. A number of companies offer group tours by plane and boat. If planning
The Easter Islanders created the statues hundreds of years ago, though no one today really knows why. Perhaps the statues were a religious symbol or maybe creating large statues became
Scientists are still trying to figure that out today. They say probably they were built to represent power or life. Or maybe built for praise and majority, maybe just to be content
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Easter Island got its name because it was discovered on Easter Sunday by Jacob Roggeveen in 1722. It was already occupied by Polynesians and the current name form ...
Islands are usually formed due to volcanic activity and earthquakes in the ocean. Several of the Hawaiian islands were volcanoes millions of years ago. You can ...
The Hawaiian islands are each formed by a volcano. These islands emerged from the ocean floor after thousands of years of volcanic activity. Most of these volcanoes ...
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