How Was Electricity Discovered?


Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. The story goes that he did it with a kite, and a key during a thunderstorm. But the basic of electricity is a natural thing and it was not invented.
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Contrary to popular belief, Benajmin Franklin did not discover electricity. It was discovered a long time before him. Many experiments in electricity were done in the 17th century
1. Identify what is always powered on. This includes things like cordless home phones and answering machines. Other items include those that have digital, illuminated clocks like
Benjamin Franklin was the first to discover electricity.
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) His kite experiment demonstrated that
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Greek philosophers had discovered that from rubbing amber with cloth, lightweight objects will stick to it. ...
In the year 1600, an English scientist named William Gilbert, knew the electrification of many difference substances which deemed electricity. Electricity is from ...
Our world would be very different if electricity was never discovered. There would be no computers, televisions, cellphones or microwaves. William Gilbert was ...
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