How Was Facebook Made?


Facebook got started back in 2003 as Facemach by Mark Zuckerberg together with his friends and roommates Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz. It was originally only for Harvard.
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1. Open your browser and type "" and press the "Enter" key. 2. Locate the "Share" bar below your "News Feed. Click on the
Aaron Sittig drew the current poke icon (along with many others) as part of the original News Feed launch in September 2006. The poke hand was originally flesh-colored, but we all
Facebook was made because all the teenagers where bored of using every social network . A some guys made Facebook Mark Zuckerberg , Chris Hughes. Eduardo Saverin. and. Dustin Moskovitz
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Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin who were Harvard University fellow mates. ...
Give face book a couple minutes as there might be technical issues with the site. So many people use the website at the same time that at times it causes lag ...
1. Visit the Facebook page containing a harassing comment that someone made against you. Alternatively, load the abusive private message that he sent you. 2. Click ...
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