How Was Fire Discovered?


The first fires were discovered from lightning dropping down on Earth and creating them. Human discovered fire by the natural state of experimenting and scientific research. What happens if I rub this piece of wood against this piece of wood? By rubbing the piece of wood against another piece of wood human discovered that the process creates fire.
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Fire was discovered the first time an object became so heated that it burst into flames; fire was harnessed and intentionally started by humans between one hundred thousand and two
stone age people.
Approx. 790,000 years ago --by analyzing flints at an archaeological site on the
First evidence of human fire was discovered in Eurasia and it was traced to more than 790,000 years ago!
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It is impossible to know when fire was discovered as it is a natural occurence on earth. Fire can be caused by lighting or the heat of the sun. Humans first learned ...
Truthfully no one knows when fire was first discovered. Some speculate that a lightning strike near a caveman was what brought it to humans. Others believe a caveman ...
No one really knows for sure who invented fire. People believe that it started in the prehistoric times. They believe that fire has been around before people ...
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