How Was Iron Discovered?


Iron is one of the most widely used elements. People often wonder how this great metal was discovered, but it was discovered so long ago in ancient times that no one really knows. You can find more information here:
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Do you know how iron is made? As iron is the underlying material composing many items we rely on every day, it's worth knowing how iron actually comes to be. Like many highly prized
1. Purchase an iron. Evaluate your clothes to determine which settings your iron needs to have--silk, nylon, polyester, cotton--and whether a steam iron is going to be necessary for
Henry Bessemer. Incorrect, Henry Bessemer invented the Bessemer steel making process. Iron was "discovered" before records were kept. The first use was about 2000 years
1. Purchase an iron and an ironing board to press your clothes. These items can be bought at most discount stores and many department stores. 2. Set up the ironing board. Make sure
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