How was Mt. Etna formed?


Mt. Etna, an active volcano is renowned for it's astounding beauty and breathtaking views. Like most volcanoes, it was formed when tectonic plates rubbed against each other. Because of this, magma is forced to the surface and forms a volcano. You can find more information here:
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Mt Etna was formed by many layers of lava that have been literally piling up for years. This kind of volcano is called a stratovolcano. The first eruption took place almost 500,000
Converging plates came together.
Mt. Etna stands about 3,350 meters (10,991 feet) tall. Mount Etna has the longest recorded
Mount Etna is 10,890 ft.
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A controversial theory proposed in 2010 and put forth in Science Daily explains that Mt. Etna came from intraplate volcanism and induced decompression melting ...
Mount Etna was formed by two continental plates, the European and the African plates, pushing against each other, causing one plate to go under the molten rock ...
Mountain Etna in located on the island of Sicily in Italy. The mountains lava is known as basaltic. This means that it will cool rather quickly once it has flowed ...
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