How Was Oxygen Discovered?


Oxygen was discovered in an experiment that Carl Wilhelm Scheele was doing. He saw that red-hot manganese oxide can produce gas. It produces brilliant sparks when it comes into contact with hot charcoal dust. You can find more information here:
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Oxygen was discovered by us humans but was originally made by god.and it was discovered when someone noticed we couldn't live without breathing.
N 1772, Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered that red-hot manganese oxide produces a gas. He called the gas
"The discovery of oxygen and the chemical revolution.Priestley’s lasting reputation in science is founded upon the discovery he made on August 1, 1774, when he obtained
1. Light one end of the wooden splint using the matches. 2. Blow out the flame after 3 to 5 seconds. Note that the end of the splint must still be glowing dark red. 3. Insert the
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