How Was Stonehenge Built?


The Stonehenge is one of the UNESCO heritage sites in England. It was built using the most primitive tools available at the time. The stones on the top were raised on timber platforms and then slid into their original place.
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There are varying reports of when this iconic structure was erected. It was originally thought that it was erected around 2500 BC however a recent theory suggests that it wasn't erected
I would love to tell you and so would hundreds of historians, but I can't and neither can they. To this day, it isn't 100% sure who constructed it, let alone how many! It was probably
From the grassy deserted plains of southern England rises a circle of standing stones, some of them up to 24 feet tall. For centuries they have towered over visitors, offering tantalizing
Ancient cultures were not nearly as backwards as we believe. The first flushing toilet, for instance, was installed in a Minoan palace around 1500 BC. As for Stonehenge, the 'why'
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Started: 2750BC
Completed: 1500BC
Stonehenge was built using very primitive, yet accurate, tools over a period that spanned 5 centuries. Three different groups of people worked on what started out as a simple design and ended up being the structure we know today. You can find more information here:
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Unfortunately there are no documented reason as to why Stonehenge was built and no one has sole credit for its construction. Its construction started at approximately ...
Stonehenge was built over 4,300 years ago. It was believed to have been built by the devil, but it is not true. Scientists say that several distinct groups of ...
Stonehenge dates back to prehistoric times and is a series of stones set in a circle in Wiltshire, England. It was built in such a way that the sun rises and sets ...
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