How Was the Cuban Missile Crisis Resolved?


The Cuban Missile Crisis in the last quarter of 1962 was resolved by the aid of the United Nations and a silent settlement with the Russian camp. Then president, John F. Kennedy sought to disarm Cuba and Russia from any nuclear armaments and an eventful stand out among the two opposing camps led to plans of air strike and a possible war. To know more about the Cuban Missile Crisis, visit:
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President Kennedy admitted to lack of missile gap unlike Eisenhower. He said that the US was way ahead of the Soviets in the developing missiles. This made Khrushchev (The Soviet
The United States ended its blockade on Nov. 20, 1962 and by the end of
How simple? The USSR agreed to withdraw their missiles from Cuba and the USA agreed to withdraw their missiles from Turkey. As a result the confrontation ended and a "hot"
1. Cuba was a Soviet client state. After Fidel Castro seized power in 1959, he openly declared his Communist affiliations and invited aid from the Soviet Union (since the U.S. had
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In the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet was building launching sites for medium-range and intermediate range nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba. The USA surrounded ...
The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred when the Soviet Union secretly put nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba. The missiles were discovered by routine spy-plane ...
The US and the Soviet Union were involved in the Cuban missile crisis. The crisis was about Cuba having surface-to-air missile launching capabilities. ...
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