How Was the Moon Formed?


There are four different theories on how the Moon was created. Most scientists agree that the Moon was created in a cosmic collision that nearly destroyed the Earth.
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The common theory, today, is based on a massive impact between the proto-Earth and another Mars-sized early planet - sometimes referred to as Theia.
The capture theory postulates that the moon was formed somewhere in space, then moved through space until it came into contact with the Earth's gravitational force and began its orbit
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Accretion is the theory that some moons were created in much the same way as the planets
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Many scientists and astronomers believe the moon was formed after a large object smashed into Earth and then broke apart. One of the large pieces that broke apart was thrown into orbit around the Earth and is thought to be the moon.
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Some scientists believe that the moon formed when a rogue planet struck the Earth in such a great impact that it vaporized into small bodies. These vapors rose ...
Many scientists believe that the moon was formed by an event that is known as the giant impact theory. With this theory, it is believed that the moon was formed ...
The moon is made up of many different types of rocks known as breccias. These rocks have usually been broken and formed back together again over the years due ...
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