How Was the Pantheon Built?


The Pantheon is a building in Rome ordered by Marcus Agrippa. It was built in reverence to all the gods of Ancient Rome. This construction is 43 metres in diameter and 43 metres in height.
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The original Pantheon in Rome was built by Marcus Agrippa between 31 B.C and 27 B.C. He built is as a temple to all the gods of ancient Rome. It was destroyed, rebuilt and remodeled
The Pantheon in Rome, Italy was built in 126 AD. The Pantheon in Paris was built in 1758 and completed in 1790.
The Pantheon in Rome is circular with a portico of three ranks of huge granite
The Pantheon was originally built by Agrippa in 27 B.C. Hadrian built another Pantheon to replace the one built by Domitian that had burned in A.D. 110.
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The Pantheon was originally built by Agrippa the son-in-law of the Roman Emperor Augustus in 27 B.C. The Pantheon is a magnificent ancient temple in Rome that ...
The difference between the Pantheon and Parthenon include that while the Pantheon is located in Rome, the Parthenon is located in Greece. The Pantheon was built ...
The Parthenon and the Pantheon are two different buildings. The Parthenon is a rectangular building, built by the ancient Greeks. It is located Athens, Greece. ...
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