How Was the Universe Created?


Scientist believe that the universe was created by swirling dust particles that began to cling together. For more information you can go to .
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There are many different ways how people say the universe was created. One is that God created the heavens and the Earth, and all the planets, stars, and knows every single star by it's name. God is the Alpha and the Omega which means he is the beginning and the end. So God was to have created the universe in the Christian upbringing. Others believe that it happened by chance by a big bang, just an explosion. Go with what you feel is more logical for you.
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No one knows for sure how the universe was created. Many scientists accept the Big Bang Theory as a plausible explanation, but others rely on religion.
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One of the most accepted theories on the creation of the universe is the big bang theory. It states that the earth was created approximately 14 billion years ago ...
There is a lot of debate regarding how the Universe was made. The most dominating scientific theory is the Big Bang, which is a moment in time when an infinitely ...
The universe is believed to have been created by a supernatural being or some mysterious force that is beyond the comprehension or control of humans. Some people ...
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