How were African slaves captured?


African slaves were captured by fellow Africans, although they were from another tribe. Nets and other traps were used, much like catching an animal. Once captured, these slaves were then placed on slave ships and taken to Europe or the United States.
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War parties from some African tribes would attack other African nations to capture people for export as slaves out of Africa.
Slaves were typically captured (in what is now the Unites States) simply by white people picking the ones they wanted to use. This could either mean on the street or voting in a public
Initially the slavers would just buy the slaves of the tribes they had taken in battle, then with aid and finance the tribes would go hunting for more and more as the business grew.
For most of the time that we think of as the African slave trade, Africans were captured by other Africans, brought to “forts” to be held, and kept there until being transported
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