How were the Alps formed?


The Alps are a type of mountain known as 'fold mountains'. This type of mountain is created by the collision of tectonic plates. In the case of the Alps, these plates were the Eurasian and African continental plates.
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The Alps form part of a line of mountain chains, called the Alpide Belt. This goes through Southern Europe and Asia and all the way to the Himalayas. The Alps were formed when the
The Alps are a complex fold-mountain system. Sedimentary deposits of vast thickness, mainly limestone and dolomite, were laid down in the ancestral Tethys Sea during the Triassic
The exact area covered by Catskills is a matter of debate. The eastern edge of the range, known as the Catskill Escarpment, rises abruptly along the Hudson River Valley, but the Catskills
The islands were formed by volcanic eruptions and peaks of drowned mountain ranges created by volcanic activity in the Cretaceous period. They were also formed on top of underwater
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