How Were the Continents Formed?


The Earth once was all water. When the water in the oceans evaporated by the Sun's heat, the higher land showed up and the continents came to existence.
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At one time, the continents were one solid land mass known as Pangea. Over time, volcanic eruptions and the movement of the Earth's plates caused the land to break and drift apart
it's believed that they were made by god in moslems, and that almost had no water, but 1 day, a great earthquake caused a great flood and rains, which formed the earth as its current
This is a rather long story that basically spans most of Earth's history. In order to
The science of plate tectonics has explained the slow motion of the continents over time, since the Earth cooled and the first land masses appeared. Alfred Wegener (1880-1930) noticed
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The Himalayas are the mountains that are forming as a result of two continents in collision. The Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates have been colliding with one ...
Islands can be formed in a variety of ways. When a rift occurs on a continent, a microcontinental island can be created. Volcanoes are also know to create the ...
Pangaea was once a supercontinent, this word Pangaea is derived from a Greek word meaning 'all lands'. The continent formed around 200 million years ago and broke ...
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