How Were the Niagara Falls Formed?


The formation of Niagara Falls was due to the melting of glaciers. This led to the formation of large fresh water lakes, which are called Great Lakes. The water eroded the underneath rocks as it rushed over the escarpment and hence, resulting to the formation to the Niagara Falls.
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Niagara Falls were formed during the last ice age (the Wiscosin glaciation).
The origins of the Niagara Falls go back to the Ice Age, when the river, flowing at a
See site below and read under "Geology" for excellent information. Source(s):…
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The Niagara Falls were formed, when ice melted, the Great Lakes drained over the Niagara Escarpment by way of the Niagara River. The drainage initially cut a gorge through the escarpment but since the top rock of the gorge was soft it was eroded living the hard rock at the bottom. The unsupported top rocks gave way from time to time creating a sharp edge for the falls.
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Niagara Falls was formed about 12,000 years ago, soon after the formation of the great lakes. Great lakes were formed as a result of melting glaciers. Soon, a ...
Despite unusually cold temperatures during some winters, including that of 1932, Niagara Falls has never actually frozen. Ice forms over the river and icicles ...
The Niagara Falls is famous for its voluminous waterfalls on the Niagara River. It is situated on the international border between the Canadian province of Ontario ...
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