How Wide Is the River Nile?


The Nile river is one of the most popular rivers in Egypt. The widest part of the river measures 7.5 kilometres. For most part though, the river just measures around 1-2 kilometres across.
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The Nile River has an average width of 2.8 kilometers, with the smallest point being just 350 meters wide. The largest part is is 7.5 meters across. Look here for more information
For most of its course, the Nile is just one or two km wide.
The Nile river, at the delta where it's widest, is 250 km (160 mi) wide.
The Nile, like all rivers, varies considerably in width depending on where you measure it. At the delta where the river flows into the Mediterranean Sea it is about 240 kilometres
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The Nile River varies some in it's width, but it does travel through a gap that is 7 meters wide at Murchison Falls. The falls is in Uganda and that is around ...
The Nile river is 6650 kilometers long or 4132 miles. The Nile river is wide as 8 kilometers wide, or 5 miles. The Nile river has two main feeding sources the ...
The Nile River is approximately 4,132 miles in length. The Nile River is approximately 5 miles wide. It is thought to be the longest river in the world. ...
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